Restoring the mechano-biology of the intervertebral disc treats both the pain and the causes of degeneration

Bio-structural solutions for back pain

ORTHOSON bio-structural gel:
Micro-invasive new treatment for back pain and degeneration

  • Injectable, in-situ forming mechano-biological structure
  • Low-viscosity injectable, follows the fissures of degeneration, gelling as it cools
  • Patented pNIPAM-DMAc copolymer designed to mimic the body’s own tissue in the Nucleus Pulposus with healthy osmolarity and 82% water
  • Restores tension in annulus and mechanical
    function of intervertebral disc

The challenge of back pain

500 million

500 million

People suffer with low back pain, globally1

No. 1

No. 1

Low back and neck pain are the leading cause of years lived with disability1

$87.6 billion

$130 billion

3rd largest cause of US healthcare spending2

The Cause of low back pain

Low back pain is often caused by the degeneration of one or more intervertebral discs. Despite the large number of patients and the significant impact on quality of life, when conservative therapy is unsuccessful, other options can be limited.

We aim to help people who need treatment without the need for major surgery.

We aim to help people who need treatment without the need for major surgery.

Conservative Therapy

Self-management, physiotherapy, chiropractor
Self-management, physiotherapy, chiropractor
Minimally invasive injections
Minimally invasive injections

Surgical Options

Non-fusion, e.g. facet joint replacement
Non-fusion, e.g. facet joint replacement
Total Disc Replacement
Total Disc Replacement
Intervertebral fusion
Intervertebral fusion

Invasive, high-cost procedures associated with significant complications. Poor correlation with diagnosis.

iDR8 restores disc mechano-biology to treat the causes of degeneration

  • Micro-invasive, < 30-minute procedure with short recovery time
  • Bio-structural: Restores a healthy spinal environment, supporting the body’s healing process
    1. Immediate pain relief via height + mechanical restoration
    2. Suppresses factors driving degeneration
  • Earlier treatment – no waiting until incapacitated
  • No need to mask pain with opioids or implants
  • Does not accelerate degeneration, like fusions or disc replacement surgeries do
  • Medical device with a mechanical mechanism of action

Multi-Product, Patented Tech Platform Across Spine

1. iDR8

Bio-Structural Gel

For restoration of moderate IVD degeneration (mPfG ≦6)

Pre-clinical 2023-24 Clinical trials 2025


Annulus Repair System

For repair of annulus following discectomy for sciatica, built on our Bio-Structural technology.

Grant funded 2023-24 Clinical trials 2025

3. iDR8+

Bio-Structural Gel + MSC

For restoration of moderate IVD degeneration + mesenchymal stem cells

Clinical trials 2026

4. iDR8+HA

Osteo Structural Gel

Osteogenic formulation for vertebral fracture repair of the thoracic and lumbar spine and 1- or 2- level interbody fusion

Clinical trials 2027

Developing a Micro-invasive Treatment for Back Pain and Degeneration

  • 619M people worldwide suffer lower back pain (LBP), representing the single leading cause of disability + largest US annual healthcare spend - $130B
  • ORTHOSON's bio-structural gel, injected into the degenerated intervertebral disc, will provide rapid mechanical support, while promoting the biology
  • Conservative treatment causes no further degeneration and treats both the pain and the causes of degeneration
  • Restoring patients’ active lifestyle and getting people back to work while reducing the need for invasive and expensive surgical interventions (fusion, total disc replacement) and opioid pain medication
  • Outpatient procedure by interventional pain physicians, spine surgeons at hospitals, ambulatory surgical centers
  • Multi-patented med tech platform technology, targeting $850M disc restoration market before expanding platform across multiple therapies totaling $26B global TAM
  • Expert team with track record commercializing innovations in spinal MedTech (UK + US)

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