degenerated ‘black discs’ on MRI

ORTHOSON Bio-Structural Gel restores the intervertebral disc to treat both the pain and the causes of degeneration

Bio-structural solutions for back pain

The global cost of chronic back pain is staggering


cause of disability in the world


People suffering  lower back pain (LBP)

in 2020


U.S. Annual Healthcare Spending for LBP

in 2016

MRI of lumbar spine

The cause of low back pain

Low back pain is humanity’s greatest cause of time lost to disability, most often caused by degenerative disc disease (DDD).

This degenerative process begins with dehydration of the disc, leading to loss of disc height and pain due to changes in mechanical forces within the spine. Consequent increased inflammatory markers in the disc, such as IL-1, MMP-3 and ADAMTS4, accelerate this degenerative process and become further sources of pain.

An effective and sustainable treatment for low back pain, needs to address both the mechanical and cellular sources of low back pain.

ORTHOSON bio-structural gel: Micro-invasive new treatment for back pain and degeneration

  • Injectable, in-situ forming mechano-biological structure
  • Low-viscosity injectable, follows the fissures of degeneration, gelling as it reaches the disc
  • Patented polymer designed to mimic the body’s own tissue in the Nucleus Pulposus with healthy osmolarity and 82% water
  • Restores tension in annulus and mechanical function of intervertebral disc
MRI of disc shows gel interdigitation needle pointing at centre of spine cross section

Bio-Structural Gel restores disc mechano-biology to treat the causes of degeneration

  • Micro-invasive, ‘one-and-done’, < 30-minute procedure with short recovery time
  • Bio-structural: Restores a healthy disc environment, 
supporting the body’s healing process
    1. Immediate pain relief via height + 
mechanical restoration
    2. Suppresses factors driving degeneration
  • Earlier treatment – does not accelerate degeneration
  • No need to mask pain with opioids or implants
  • FDA Breakthrough Device Technology: Medical device with a mechanical mechanism of action
Mechanical function and Disc Biology

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