Real-time mapping of ultrasound-activated bubbles in the body IBME, University of Oxford

Researchers at the University of Oxford develop and patent Passive Acoustic Mapping, the first method that makes it possible to detect, localize and monitor ultrasound-activated bubbles (acoustic cavitation) during ultrasound treatment at depth within the body. This paves the way for translation of cavitation-based therapies to the clinic by providing an essential tool for real-time treatment monitoring. A patent, now granted, is filed in 2008.


Tissue fractionation with pre-injected ultrasound-activated bubbles IBME, University of Oxford

Researchers within the University demonstrate for the first time that fractionation of collagen within the spinal disc is possible using modest ultrasound pressures that can be safely delivered to the spine if bubbles are pre-injected at the centre of the disc. A patent, now granted, is filed in 2011.


Stabilisation of air nanobubbles on solid injectable sono-sensitive particles IBME, University of Oxford

Researchers at the University of Oxford develop a new method for stabilizing gas nanobubbles for injection by trapping them within solid cup-shaped particles (now called Sono-Sensitive Particles). This enables the reliable delivery of billions of stable, consistently sized air nanobubbles that survive the very steep pressures encountered in the intervertebral disc to seed sustained acoustic cavitation for tissue fractionation. These SSPs are successfully patented in late 2014.


Steerable ultrasound delivery to the spinal disc IBME, University of Oxford

Researchers at the University of Oxford develop a new type of modular ultrasound array specifically designed to enable delivery of ultrasound to the spine. The lego-like modular array makes it possible to overcome the barriers to ultrasound delivery presented by bone and to move the focus of the ultrasound beam within the disc without physically moving the array. Researchers work with the CT scans from numerous patients to establish the optimum design and prototype it. A patent application is filed in late 2016.


Incorporation of OrthoSon Ltd to Develop Ultrasound-Enhanced Spinal Therapies

OrthoSon raises £940K in pre-seed funding to secure the intellectual property and enable the development of the technology.


Appointment of OrthoSon CEO Rich Simmonds (link to team- Bio)

Rich Simmonds appointed as Chief Executive Officer to develop the plan, recruit the team and negotiate the key supply agreements in preparation for the technology transfer from the Oxford University.


Award of £1.2m Innovate UK grant to OrthoSon

OrthoSon successfully secures £1.2M in non-dilutive grant funding to develop the fully functional prototype and perform its validation in preclinical models by 2020.

2019- Beyond

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OrthoSon is delivering against a tight timetable to develop and prove a breakthrough minimally invasive spinal disc repair technology. This is a huge clinical unmet need and we have well protected novel technology. If you would like more information or would like to get involved please contact us.

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